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Why ATI First

ATI provides self-insured organizations with a solution to improve member health. We deliver access to consistent, effective medical care that reduces unnecessary treatment and other injury-related costs.

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Taking the Lead in Proactive Care

Our ATI First solution provides members with the right care at the right time.

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Consistent, Evidence-Based Care

Using outcomes-based medical data rigorously collected from over a million patients, we create individual treatment plans for each patient that lead to predictably better outcomes.

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Education and Prevention

The best way to reduce spending on MSK issues is to prevent them from occurring. ATI First provides training and education specific to workplace conditions and member lifestyles that help reduce the risk of MSK-related injuries.

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Swift and Seamless Implementation

Our streamlined onboarding process makes rolling out the program to your company simple and gets your employees and their families on the road to living with better physical health from the moment of implementation.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Onsite, at our clinics, or virtually, the right treatment is never out of reach.

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ATI First Results

Family Member Benefits from ATI First Approach

Starting treatment with ATI for a major ankle sprain helped an employee’s teenage gymnast daughter avoid months of rehab.

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"ATI continues to be an innovative partner to deliver the right care at the right time for our employees, limiting unnecessary medical care for musculoskeletal related pain."

- Michael J. Kissenberth, MD, Prisma Health