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Keeping your employees connected to improving their physical health from home, work or on the go.

"The ATI app has your appointment and exercise treatment instructions. Makes it very convenient. Especially, the exercise how to instructions."

- Android App User
Example app screen with My Clinical Goals. Each extension has initial, current and goal numbers.

Track Clinical Progress

During your employee's treatment program, they will have access to see their clinical progress and personal treatment goals to engage in meaningful conversations with their physical therapist on how to improve their physical health.

Example app screen: Reverse Lunge with exercise details. 2x Daily, 7x Weekly, 10 reps, 3 sets, 5 hold, Instructions: Setup-Begin by standing upright position with your hands on your hands and feet positioned should width apart. Movement - Keeping your trunk upright, step backward and lower your body towards the ground, then carefully return to starting position.

Access Home Exercises

After your employee's first visit, they will have access to personalized home exercises and videos to complete when it's convenient for them.

Example Mobile App Screen: First Time Visit Checklist > Complete First Time Visit Steps. My Next Appointment: May 21 6:00 PM Seven Hills, info and phone links. My Personal Goals.

Sync Appointments

We make it easy for your employees to keep track of their visits by syncing scheduled appointments directly to their phone's calendar. 

Getting Started Is Easy

Employees can download the ATIpt mobile app from the iOS App Store or Google Play
Employees provide their mobile number or email to receive an activation code
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Employees can now track progress, access home exercises and sync appointments