Making the Right Choice for Better Care

This Is Dan

Dan could be any of the one in two Americans with an MSK condition. In this hypothetical situation, Dan is 44 years old. He has worked at the Washington County, Wisconsin Department of Public Works since he was 18. He loves his job. He also loves coaching his son’s soccer team and gardening.

At 42, he began experiencing low back pain. Figuring it was just age, he managed it with ibuprofen for two years as the pain increased. He finally threw his back out while working in his yard. After that, he couldn’t garden, struggled to coach, and had to take time off of work.

MSK conditions increase with age but that’s no reason to live with them. Dan waited too long to get the care he needed. He was now faced with two choices.

Coach Dan high-fiving a soccer player

The Typical Experience

Taking the traditional route to relieving Dan’s pain delays his recovery time and racks up more than $5,000 in medical bills before a referral to physical therapy.

Emergency Room Visit
This first step is expensive. And, in many cases, patients are referred to a doctor before ultimately being referred to a PT.
Prescriptions & Procedures
With Dan’s type of injury, typical care can include imaging, prescriptions, injections, and additional doctor visits before PT begins.
Time & Money
Multiple appointments and medications before a delayed PT start makes recovery longer, and it all adds up to significant costs.

Starting with Physical Therapy

ATI First is Dan’s more affordable and faster road to recovery.

Physical therapist assessing a patient


Approximately 70-80% of all MSK conditions can be resolved with PT. An ATI therapist evaluates Dan’s low back pain and recommends a treatment plan specific to his unique condition.

Dan going through treatment


Manual therapy at a nearby ATI clinic and at-home exercises helps Dan get back to full function in a shorter amount of time compared to the typical ER or primary care first approach. If additional medical care is required, Dan’s ATI therapist refers him to the appropriate provider.

Dan giving a pep talk to the team


By choosing PT first, Dan and his employer save thousands of dollars in potentially unnecessary imaging, injections, prescriptions, and physician visits. He is back to work, back in his yard, and back at the soccer field with his son sooner.

One Injury: Two Paths

With ATI First, Dan and his employer save time and money.

Total Cost of Care
$5,000 with traditional care vs. $1,200 with PT first.
Recovery Time
8 weeks with traditional care vs. 4 weeks with PT first.
On Site
Days off Work
4 days with traditional care vs. 0 days with PT first.