Izzy in the air

Competition Ready, Again

Izzy is a talented 16-year-old gymnast, but even the best get injured. Preparing for the season’s first meet, Izzy fell at practice severely spraining her ankle. It swelled to softball size. She was in significant pain. Her path to treatment would make or break her junior year season.

Izzy & ATI Stick the Landing

Starting with a physical therapist gave Izzy the same or better outcome faster and at a lower cost than the traditional approach.

Izzy getting her ankle wrapped


At an ATI clinic, Izzy’s physical therapist diagnosed a severe ankle sprain. No referrals were necessary; PT was the best option for recovery. There was no X-ray and no MRI, which saved Izzy’s family money and time.

Ankle exercise with weight and bounce


Treatment began immediately after the diagnosis with manual therapy to reduce the swelling. Izzy was given an at-home exercise program with a virtual coach to help her along and track her outcomes. Weekly visits to the clinic for manual therapy and adjustments to her program returned her mobility and strength to their pre-injury state.

Izzy on a balance beam


Izzy was fully recovered in one month. She finished out the season with no further difficulties.

The Typical Experience

Izzy’s story would be much different if her family chose the traditional route.

Emergency Room Visit
This first step is expensive. And, in many cases, patients are referred to a doctor before ultimately being referred to a physical therapist.
Prescriptions & Procedures
With this type of injury, typical care can include imaging, bracing, prescriptions, injections, and additional doctor visits before PT begins.
Time & Money
Multiple appointments and medications before a delayed PT start makes recovery longer, and it all adds up to significant costs.