Member Experience

ATI’s MSK experience and flexible solutions let members and their families recover faster and pay less.

Care for the Condition and the Patient

Our approach considers each unique condition and the best interests of each member.

Physical therapist with an employee in a factory

Heal Faster with Expert Treatment

ATI physical therapists are experts in treating MSK-related issues. Our evidence-based approach can reduce recovery time by:

  • Accurately diagnosing the problem at the first visit
  • Assigning a treatment program specially developed for the individual
  • Eliminating the need for multiple physician appointments
Patient looking at app while doing exercises

Easy Access to Care

Your members’ lives are busy, and when they’re hurt getting around can be challenging.

  • The ATI First solution allows for flexible clinic appointments at any of our 850+ locations
  • Members benefit from at-home exercise programs to speed up recovery
  • We also offer worksite clinics to ensure easy access
Man going for a hike

Streamlined Care Means Lower Costs

Traditional MSK treatment can cost thousands of dollars more than starting with PT. And ATI First requires no co-pay. Our streamlined approach to care also saves members money by:

  • Eliminating the need for ER and doctor visits prior to starting treatment
  • Lowering the need for costly medications and injections
  • Reducing referrals for expensive X-rays and MRIs 


Give your employees a better experience